Walk-A-Thonners Do It, So can Script Frenzy Scriptwriters!

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Only three days until April 1st, Script Frenzy start day! Oh. You thought I was going to say April Fools Day? Well, we Frenziers must be fools to sign up for this writing marathon! But I wasn’t content to just be a fool for writing. Oh no, I’m fundraising too.

It all began when I read that the Office of Letters and Light — the nonprofit that puts on National Novel Writing Month in November and Script Frenzy in April — will be bringing together the most mighty of endurance scriptwriters for an event that will define our generation forever: Script Frenzy. That got me thinking. For some years now, I’d thought my first book Lifeliner: The Judy Taylor Story would make a great movie, but figured somebody else would write the screenplay. Then after I heard about Script Frenzy, I saw the entertaining Dr. Horrible, and Hey! I thought, Lifeliner, the web series, would be pretty cool. I signed myself up.

In case you hadn’t heard, Script Frenzy is a global writing challenge in which participants spend April (and portions of their sanity!) writing a 100-page script in just 30 days. That’s what I signed myself up for.

But I was still thinking only of dipping my toe in to Script Frenzy until I saw on their website “Get your script sponsored!” That grabbed my attention. Just like walk-a-thonners seek pledges for Heart and Stroke by running a marathon, so can scriptwriters now seek pledges for the nonprofit Office of Letters and Light by writing a marathon. And so in addition to my writerly duties, I’m raising money to help Script Frenzy’s parent nonprofit, the Office of Letters and Light, continue to put on free creative writing programs for kids and adults in classrooms, communities, and libraries around the world.

Every dollar I raise towards the Office of Letters and Light will keep my spirits high as I write and will motivate me to keep going to the very end. Being sponsored means I gotta finish! If I achieve my over-the-top goal of raising US$2,500 for the Office of Letters and Light, that will also allow me to have my script professionally reviewed. But most importantly, your contribution will help Script Frenzy and its Young Writers Program create a more engaged and inspiring world. And that’s a good thing.


To sponsor me, please click here.

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