The Toronto Star Quotes Me

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I had an amazing surprise this holiday weekend. I was reading the Insight
section of the Toronto Star, the front page of it, and decided to read Meme
of the Week
. I don’t usually read it but it had an intriguing title: “Miller’s cave.” So there am I reading it, and OMG
my name popped up! They quoted my “cave” comment from my blogspot blog!!

“I knew the city would cave,” wrote blogger Shireen Jeejeebhoy. (Daniel Dale, The Toronto Star, 1 August 2009)

Dale was quoting from my blog post titled “Toronto Garbage Strike Over. Property Taxes Will Rise in the Spring,” specifically from the opening paragraphs:

As soon as I heard the news, I knew it was too soon for the city and
Mayor David Miller to have achieved their stated aims. Actually as soon
as I heard the union’s ultimatum, I knew the city would cave, as if the
threat was some great tsunami they could never escape. All in their
head, especially as workers were already crossing the picket line, but
the union knew that and worked them good.
” (28 July 2009)

Well! I was so excited I didn’t read any more of that section. Instead I’m keeping it
pristine and putting it in my files.

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