New SIGG Water Bottle on CafePress. New Water Design By Me.

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SIGG Water Bottle with Shireen's Water DesignIt’s been awhile since I created a new design for my CafePress shop, but this week announced a partnership with SIGG to provide eco-friendly 1L water bottles that shop owners can create designs for. These reusable bottles are BPA-free, have a lifetime warranty, and are made with a single-piece of aluminum and lined with non-toxic resin so as to avoid unwanted tastes and scents.

Well, that got me inspired to design something in Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo X2 (there really should be a short nickname for that program). The most obvious idea for me was to play with the word “water” and to play with images of water, like waterfalls. But I haven’t photographed waterfalls in awhile. I thought and thought, very tough you know, and then clicked onto a whole series I’d forgotten about of the fountains at Dundas Square. Lots of water shots! The handy dandy magic wand helped me cut out a fountain; I found a lovely piece of sky in another shot; I concentrated on figuring out how to make images appear in text; and then I got stuck on how to make font larger than 72 points. But as usually happens with me, I click enough and I stumbled onto a solution.

I’m very pleased with the results. And I hope you like it enough to (shameless request here) to buy it! And while you’re there, check out the matching his and hers organic T-shirts.

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