PAD Challenge: Poem No. 22 “The Lucky Ones”

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Today’s prompt for Writer’s Digest Poetic Asides poem-a-day challenge is to write a work-related poem.

“The Lucky Ones”

The lucky ones are
the ones who can
work, to earn
an income, to support
their spouse, their mom, or just to take
a friend out to lunch.

The lucky ones are
the ones who are able
to work, to drive
a car, to walk, to pedal
their way to another place, to apply
their brain, their hands, and on Fridays, receive
a paycheque for the bank.

The unlucky ones are
the ones who sit
alone, empty of dreams, devoid
of ability to work, who watch
out the window the
people to the subway flocking,
feet racing in time to a hidden clock, eyes blind
to the ones within watching.

The lucky ones can work.

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