Announcement: Paul Lima’s Virtual Book Tour Appearing Here

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Lorina Stephens of Five Rivers Chapmanry, a micro-publisher, recently published Paul Lima’s new book How to Write a Non-Fiction Book in 60 Days. I met Lima virtually several years ago when I checked out one of his e-mail writing courses. I had just been told by a vocational consultant that I would not be able to write again, for at least 5 to 10 years, and I was furious. My doctor suggested I take a writing course, and I found and enrolled in Lima’s. One of the best decisions I’ve made!

When Stephens put out the call asking for participants in Lima’s virtual book tour, I leapt at the chance. I haven’t read his new book, but I know how effective his methods were for me in relearning how to write and in regaining my confidence. He set the foundation for my continued improvements, right up until today. That was the key. It may be easy to follow instructions when you have the discipline of an instructor or book, but once the course is over — the book read — then can you continue on your own? Has the course — or the book — fired you up enough and taught you sound-enough skills to last for years to come? For me, a resounding yes.

This virtual book tour usually involves reciprocal links or postings; this one involves trading blog posts. First I will post Lima’s current Q&A about his book on this blog, and then Stephens will post my Q&A on the Five Rivers’ Blog. I will be posting Lima’s Q&A shortly. Please look out for it!

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