Lifeliner in Malaysia’s Star

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My parents recently spent almost a month in Singapore, Malaysia, and Vietnam, my father Dr. Khursheed Jeejeebhoy having been invited to speak in those countries. They kept him busy giving lectures to both English-language and Vietnamese-language audiences. He was so popular, he was invited back not only to speak but to teach for several months as well. And, to top it off, the media were also interested in him and his work in nutrition. Shortly after he returned to Canada, one Malaysian journalist contacted me about an article she was writing on TPN. We started talking about statistics, then moved on to Judy Taylor’s resilience of spirit. It was a real pleasure chatting with her over cyberspace.

This past Sunday, Wey Wen Lim’s article titled “Nutrition via the veins” was published both in the online and print editions of Malaysia’s leading English-language newspaper The Star. There’s a great photo of Dad in the online version, and the print edition features a photo of Judy with her catheter. It has good information on TPN, great quotes from Dad, and best of all, Lim led off her article with the story of Judy’s last meal of fish ‘n chips and talked about my book on Judy, Lifeliner.

I’m very excited about this article — it’s the first to feature Lifeliner in a major print publication! Check it out!!

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