Lifeliner at World’s Biggest Bookstore

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Lifeliner is once again front and centre at the World’s Biggest Bookstore in downtown Toronto near Dundas and Yonge. Look for it on the Hot and New Nonfiction Table at the front of the store or in the Biography section upstairs under “T” for “Taylor,” Judy’s last name. All the copies have these beautiful blue “autographed by author” stickers on them — yes, I signed every copy! — and as soon as I receive them, they’ll also have the Reader Views Award stickers on them. Nothing like a gussied-up front cover to say, “This is the book to buy!”

Please pass the word to folks you know, work with, hang with, say hi to on the street, anyone you know, for I have 8 weeks to prove that this book is salable and worthy to be kept in store. If you can’t find it, I can attest that the folks who work at WBBS are very helpful and easy to approach, so don’t be shy. In fact if you look confused, they’re liable to approach you and find what you want as has happened to me many a time!

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