Moving On

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A momentous day today for me. One process ended today, and that end marked the beginning of a new trail for me. Today my PSA, Michael Fiedler, congratulated me on the end of the production process and then said good-bye. The end of the printer setup of Lifeliner is the end of his time guiding me through the iUniverse publishing process. He left me with final instructions and with an injunction to watch out for another e-mail.

I waited in hyper anticipation for that e-mail; finally it came. That e-mail asked me to confirm where to ship my author copies. And now it’s just a matter of waiting patiently for the shipper to transport my copies across the border to my place. Only when I rip open the box and hold a copy in my hot little hand and verify (I hope!) that there are no printer errors is the book ready for sale.

At one point during this very long process, I never thought I’d see this day, and suddenly it’s here.

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