Poetic Asides Poem Prompt: “Don’t You…”

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Poetic Asides blog by Robert E Brewer on the Writer’s Digest website runs Wednesday poetry prompts. Today, I find myself drawn to this week’s prompt and feeling the need to opine poetically — as well as in venting prose — about yesterday’s policy announcements designed to harm the most vulnerable under the guise of good-for-the-taxpayer or good-for the-environment rhetoric.

“Don’t You See?”

Don’t you see the need
in your citizens as you
raise their rates to heights
unscalable by them, their
families, their care-
givers. Don’t you see the need
in your citizens
as you drop their treatment claim
dollars to lows so
cruel they’d be better off

Don’t you see?

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PAD Challenge: The End

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I’m finding it hard to believe that the 30-day poem-a-day challenge by Robert E Brewer of the Writer’s Digest Poetic Asides blog is over. Waaahhhh. And phew. It was easy some days, very difficult others, a total drag on a few with me sitting there fingers poised over keyboard with not a word in my head. But this poem-a-day challenge has shown me that I can do more than I thought with my writing.

And now the judging begins. Robert and Tammy, with the help of guest screeners, will whittle each day down to a Top 5 list. These will be passed on to guest judges, who will select the top poem for each day. Robert will then go through the remaining 120 poems (2nd to 5th for each day) and select 20 out of that bunch. That plus the top 30 will round out the Top 50 eBook. We won’t know who and which poems will make it into the Top 50 eBook until July 2nd. It’s going to be a loooonnnng wait, which I’ll probably promptly forget for the next couple of months as is my wont. He will make other announcements about the PAD challenge on that day too. Since about 700 of us posted a poem every day and more than 25,000 poems were posted in total, it’s going to be a difficult task for him!

Thank you to everyone who read my poetry and especially to those who commented on my poems here, on Facebook, and privately. I appreciated your kind words very much. Your encouragement kept me going!


PAD Challenge: Poem No. 30 “Hands”

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Today’s prompt for Writer’s Digest Poetic Asides poem-a-day challenge is to write a farewell poem. It’s tough to say goodbye, especially when one is feeling dead tired. But I gave it a shot. And so endeth a very interesting month for me. I discovered I can write poems, some good, some yawn, some frustrating to form, some flowing from the pen, some surprising me at the end. It’s been good.


Hands, those appendages at the end of our arms,
full of nerves and muscles and vessels,
they declare our sussurations outwards.

They grow from pudgy and clenched
to long and lean;
they heal by touch and stroke;
they caress the loved one’s skin and
hold with love the child within;
they whisper comfort and slap awake;
they applaud and pump and do create.

And today they wave farewell.



PAD Challenge: Poem No. 29 “Never Found”

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Today’s prompt for Writer’s Digest Poetic Asides poem-a-day challenge is easier than yesterday’s. Phew. We are to title our poems “Never (blank)” and fill in the blank with a word or phrase. I chose a word “Found.”

“Never Found”

Where did my blue-eyed boy go?
He’s lost in his mind,
Lost to his soul.
Who will make him whole?

Where did my blonde-haired boy go?
He’s split in two and
Three and four.
Who will make him whole?

Where did my blue-eyed boy go?
He’s needed here at home,
He’s wanted by his clan.
Who will make us whole?


PAD Challenge: Poem No. 28 “Look Upon Your Vain Hope, King of Pride”

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Today’s prompt for Writer’s Digest Poetic Asides poem-a-day challenge is to write a sestina, or since it’s Two for Tuesday, write about a sestina.

I didn’t think I could do this, but gave it a whirl anyway and got caught up in the challenge. I’ve started each line with a capital letter so if the long lines wrap, you’ll know it from the beginning lowercase letters! After I posted to the poem-a-day challenge page, I saw two words in the fifth stanza that should’ve been “our” to continue the concept of “I” and “us” that I began with. Oh well, fixed it here.

“Look Upon Your Vain Hope, King of Pride”

I gaze upon the stars
At night, their rays like tears
Of joy, of wonder that explode
Into grief upon seeing Leviathan
Roam upon the earth, that creature the demons cheer,
That God created for our misery.

We, who inhabit this place of misery,
Look to the heavens, to the stars
For their cheer
To dry our tears
That the great Leviathan
Did gloat to see in us explode.

And now our anger roils, it explodes,
Cloaking our misery
That he feeds on, that fat Leviathan.
But our fury reflects off him to feed the stars,
Who shed drops and drops of fiery tears
Upon us to bring back in us a spark of cheer.

Oh, so much angst in us does need cheer
To succor, else our hearts explode
Into crimson gushers flooding the land, drowning our tears.
Oh, such misery
They do see, the stars
When they look upon the proud work of Leviathan.

He curls his tail, he purses his mouth, he squeezes his body round his happy prey, does Leviathan.
He feasts on complacent pride and cheers
To see from their mighty fortresses, the constellations’ impotent fury in his starring
Role on earth, his domain of rock formed when God the universe did explode.
He looks fondly on the banquet his happy prey creates from our misery,
He and them slaking their thirst with our tears.

From the heavens, drop by drop, claret and choler tears
Fizzle and burn the armour of the fearless Leviathan.
But he heeds nothing but what he wants: misery.
His enemy is cheer,
And he quickly explodes
It back up to the stars.

But the stars dry their tears
As God, as Ahura Mazda explodes the vain Leviathan.
And all we who suffer cheer to see the end of our misery.


PAD Challenge: Poem No. 27 “Longing”

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Today’s prompt for Writer’s Digest Poetic Asides poem-a-day challenge is to write a poem of longing, a person longing for someone, a cat longing to get out, longing for love. The formatting didn’t work well on the Poetic Asides blog; I’m having some trouble getting it right here too, but at least it’s close enough.


Where is God?
I ask           I scream
I wonder    I despair
I sigh         I think
I bellow     I snivel
I mourn     I pine
I want to believe.
Oh Lord, I want to believe.

My eye falls on the good book.
I open it.
I look.


PAD Challenge: Poem No. 25 “Spring Play”

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Today’s prompt for Writer’s Digest Poetic Asides poem-a-day challenge is “to pick an event; make that event the title of your poem; and then write a poem.

“Spring Play”

Check the tickets one more time
to make sure got the day right,
the game right. Join the throngs in
the tunnel from subway to ball
play and emerge underneath the
concrete majesty of the SkyDome.
Check the tickets one more time
to make sure got the aisle right,
the seats right. Sit back in the
empty row, chuck the jacket and
the hats on the seats next door, and
wait for the snack man to come up the
aisle bellowing. Crack goes the
bat as at last the game begins.
This is Spring. This is Blue Jays time.


PAD Challenge: Poem No. 24 “The Travelling Bee”

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Today’s prompt for Writer’s Digest Poetic Asides poem-a-day challenge is to write a travel-related poem, some sort of movement from point A to point B. For some reason, my mind went immediately to bees, maybe because I’d just been checking out my roses.

“The Travelling Bee”

The rotund bee,
With its fat yellow and black
Buzzes its gossamer wings to power itself
Into the sweet centre of the
Cerise rose.

It snuggles and drones happily into
Gold globules of pollen, flecking its stripes and
Furry legs before bumbling off
On the wind and the power of its buzz
to the next irresistible