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Twitter is Xed. My hot water tank that gushed water was replaced by a Giant-manufacturer-dented tank that the customer service supervisor doesn’t want to replace with an undamaged one since transport companies have a habit of bunging up a tank en route from factory to Toronto and so they can’t get me the energy efficient Giant model. They said replace with another brand/model…then said I gotta pay for it. A warranty not worth the paper written on.

I tweeted their American owner, saying the customer service rep tried to help me but the supervisor weaselled out of responsibility to me the customer. I emailed to the address their USA owner’s social gave me. We await while I hope the “new” dented tank doesn’t spout water, too.

Meanwhile, I await to hear back from my call and email about the windows installation schedule, part of my climate action retrofit. My remaining old windows leak wildfire particles into my place like a hose. Stuffing a towel in to the largest gap barely works.

Meanwhile, my mother and case manager have taken over my heat pump retrofit, buffering me from the owners, something that became obvious I needed. As my case manager noted, I’ve needed a month-long break all year long; instead I endure one neverending problem while scrambling to deal with one new pop-up problem after another. Problem is a bit of an understatement. Disaster. Crisis. Swamping my injured brain.

Waiting. Calling. Emailing. Every single ducking day. It’s what I was doing last year for my climate action retrofit, too.

Over a year of this shit is unsustainable.

I tried to write a second post for my Mind Explorer Substack newsletter. I managed to draft it, but every time I logon to finish it, one of the ducking problems interrupts me. How does one cope‽

Ramryge angels at Gloucester Cathedral, England

Brain injury grief is

extraordinary grief

research proves

needs healing.

Now a doctor is explaining to me I don’t know what kind of diabetes I’m talking about on Bluesky. Seriously!

Birthday Chocolate Brownie Cashew Cupcakes with Chocolate Italian Buttercream

Oh yeah, did I mention my A1C is up again. Who’s surprised? Not me! Not overweight, walking more because my Apple Watch is helping me track and manage, but baking again every 2 to 5 weeks and getting older.

Overarching all of this is that evil man-child destroying the virtual, global community I have been part of for 15 years, building up so much history and relationships. I’m transitioning to Bluesky but don’t want my Twitter account and personal information to become AI fodder for his bank account’s benefit nor have my formerly private DMs trolled through. The American government has failed us all in not regulating privacy and security nor in holding him to account for even destroying environmentally sensitive areas with his rocket launch. Canadian privacy commissioners are also asleep at the switch!

Recently, Mozilla Foundation reviewed the privacy and security of cars with their computer, AI, and online features and found them all bad, with his car company the absolute worst of all. Is it any wonder he’s Xed them in the virtual community, too?

Screenshot of Goodreads status update for Charm City by Laura Lippman. On page 162. I wrote: “I unusually stopped reading in the middle of the chapter yesterday. Even when I'm reading when eating breakfast or lunch, l'll finish a chapter because I'm trying to be diligent about reading chapter by chapter. For this book, it's 2 chapters visualizing then verbalize both. Repeat. I'm not sure I even verbalized what I read in my 2nd reading session yesterday. Sigh. It's been difficult to focus this week”

Some days I eek out a token few minutes of reading, but overall, I’m trending up to about an hour most mornings. My latest series I’m reading through is by Laura Lippman. Tess Monaghan PI is the kind of light-hearted series with a very challenging puzzle at each novel’s heart. The kind of series living in the universe-hates-me chronicles demands.

Will someone pray for me?

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