Joined Bluesky!

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Duck illustration walking up bright green budding leaves on a tree against a blue sky.

At 9:28AM, I downloaded the Bluesky app, entered the invite code my Tweep Karen Walton (Canadian screenwriter) had just sent me via Twitter DM, and joined Bluesky!

A Monarch on a flower against a blue sky seemed appropriate for my Bluesky banner.

I’d entered my email last Fall on their waiting list, then realizing I wasn’t going to get an invite code anytime soon, last week I launched a Substack newsletter (Mind Explorer) partly to shortcut the wait, and only then did I learn the shortcut was kind of long. I resigned myself to a long wait even though a sense of “I must join now” filled me with an urgency I sometimes get to do something. In this case, I had no agency sooooo…up to God, you know.

Like I have before, I replied to another one of my Tweeps who’d tweeted about being on Bluesky. Went into the kitchen to make my novel-reading-time pour-over iced coffee, and Twitter notified me of a DM. Read it.

I nearly hit the ceiling in my excitement! She’d sent me an invite code!!

I wanted to use Shireen as my handle but like when I joined Twitter, it was already taken. So ShireenJ (again) it is. I thought of using ShireenAnne, but like on Twitter each handle’s characters aren’t excluded from the overall tweet/post’s character count. Plus I thought having the same handle may make it easier for others to find me. Continuity and all that.

I used my duck avatar against the blue sky in a photo I shot years ago of a budding tree against a blue sky for my profile pic.

I'm setting up Twitter. OK, a rather literal answer to the question. Nifty character countdown feature. Can't miss it! Especially when red!!

7:04PM Jul 11, 2008
6 impressions. 1 engagement. 1 detail view. Whoa. Now if I get only 6, anything less than double digits, I think, “WTF?!”

When I joined Twitter in 2008, I didn’t know anyone (shades of joining Facebook in 2007). I didn’t know how it worked. My first tweet was whatever came into my tired brain sent out into the void. My first Bluesky post was a reply to Karen to thank her.

Ramryge angels at Gloucester Cathedral, England

Brain injury grief is

extraordinary grief

research proves

needs healing.

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