A Quote For Life

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Do you have a quote you live your life by or think of often?

The internet heaves with quotes, quotes to inspire, to guide one’s life by, to feel better and cheer up with. Characters in books, depending on the book, quote great writers or snippets from the Bible that have become common lexicon. But those who really impress me are the older generation, now dying out, usually from the UK or India, who can quote vast swathes of poetry.

I have no quote memorized I live my life by.

“For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son so that whosoever believeth in him shall never die but have everlasting life.”


That quote hung on the wall outside my bedroom for most of my growing up years. (Not sure why my bedroom…probably because the wall there had the space and I liked it for its familiarity and connection to my mother.)

It’s kind of strange, in a way, for that quote to be framed and hanging so prominently, for my father is Zoroastrian, my mother Christian, but neither proselytized to the other yet both share a faith in God and an interest in reading and studying about God, Jesus, and religion. So why kind of strange for that to be framed and hung? My father was none too keen on the evangelizing Christians who came to save the Indians in his area with milk back in the mid-20th century. Lactose intolerance was not known back then. Perhaps the stomach-churning he saw in others is what inspired him to research milk’s effect on the gut later on in the 1960s.

Sometimes an imposed resentment spurs discovery.

After all, if three drivers hadn’t imposed their thoughtless selfishness on me, I’d never have set out to discover how to heal brain injury. A path I’m still reluctantly on.

Knowledge bearers have, over the decades, come into my life to share what they know. Through me, the knowledge pooled into a bigger picture of how to heal a brain and a person. But I have yet to meet another like me who wants to build that pool. So far, every person is content to stay in their little puddle of knowledge, expanding what they know of it, deepening their wisdom in using it, but not growing it to join with a wholly different puddle so as to create a pool that’ll serve each person in the unique way they need to restore their brain and person.

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