Where the Stars Lead

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What movies or TV series have you watched more than 5 times?

Star Trek, all the series except maybe DS9, I’ve watched many times. I don’t remember how I first came upon Star Trek. That was back in the day when broadcast TV had a variety of shows on from, well, variety shows to private eye to high school comedies and dramas to family sitcoms to science fiction. People wonder how the USA became soaked in guns. It’s not just the NRA, it’s the proliferation on TV of good guys kill bad guys with guns because that’s the only way to get justice. You can’t depend on the courts, and words have no effect (never mind de-escalation techniques are effective, but I guess TV writers lack the imagination to write the kind of tense scene that doesn’t end in a righteous shoot). But Star Trek veers from that narrative and the future is a hellscape …for the most part.

People of all types get along. Conflict is part of life and doesn’t have to end in the bad guy being killed off as the only means to justice. And who is the bad guy anyway? Even the Borg can be salvaged, and a truly evil species in ST:Voyager ends up being not so evil after all when you change perspective.

I’m thankful I can watch ST:Voyager on Netflix. Paramount sequestering all their Star Trek shows on their streaming service denies audiences with no money, who can afford maybe one streaming service and over the air TV, their Star Trek fix.

Broadcast TV has become a desert of same old cop shows. I mean, whole nights have become unwatchable with two men dominating the airspace with their variations on a theme, which is basically a black and white version of bad policing keeps us all safe. Cops, hospital, fire, all the same righteous unimaginative crap. Barf.

Although I’d like to watch all the new Star Trek series, life with brain injury-induced poverty has gotten me used to missing out on what our wealthy society sees as normal daily expenses, with a little griping over the proliferation of subscriptions. I mean, I think even the well off are tiring of having to subscribe for every fucking thing. Paramount should run at least one of their Star Trek series on broadcast TV. They could see it as a loss leader (though, really, I can’t imagine their licensing fees would be chicken feed) to bring new viewers in to their streaming service while allowing us poor folk to have a taste.

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