Time for Another Book

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April means Camp NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month). This year, I’m trying it again because a self-help book for people with brain injury sprouted in my brain and demanded being written.

I obeyed.

I set my Camp goal as 25,000 words. I don’t usually manage to last the month, and I thought halving the November goal may make it doable.

For extra measure, I joined Prolifiko’s April 7-day writing sprint. Good thing I did! For I hadn’t been able to start on my own. I hadn’t even been able to get the cover done before April 1st, even though I had the idea in my head for awhile!


It was easier writing such an emotionally taxing book with a community, but I kept going after Prolifiko’s 7-day writing sprint was done. I took a day off here and there. But this week I realized I have to finish the draft by Sunday. Then I rethought that. Friday. I have two weeks of medical appointments. It isn’t two full weeks, but they suck so much energy from me that I have to rest up several days before and who knows how many after! That’s a week lost for each block of appointments. Ain’t brain injury fun!

Today, I’m finished my first draft!

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