Pandemic Stages Are Like Brain Injury Stages

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The longer this pandemic grinds on, the more similarities I see with how my brain injury recovery went. It’s so sad that physicians and rehabilitation haven’t innovated in the last two decades to change those stages.

I wrote my latest post for Psychology Today on this topic, on how a concussion, or COVID-19, devastates us when we learn it has a vastly different progression than acute illness. I’m hoping that understanding the stages of brain injury recovery helps my readers cope with the pandemic.

“I got this,” I thought when facing recovery from brain injury. In Concussion Is Brain Injury: Treating the Neurons and Me, I called this first stage the Honeymoon.

Acute illness, the kind we’re all familiar with, tends to have a four-stage, upward progression: Get ill. Get diagnosed. Be given treatment. Be fully healed. Perhaps that’s why a concussion or a novel viral disease like COVID-19 devastates us when we learn it has a horribly different progression. Brain injury recovery gives us a context for the pandemic stages we’re in.

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