February Rest, March Restart

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Screen Shot of Part of the Brain Injury site under development by Shireen Jeejeebhoy

I’ve been steadily chipping away at the pages on my brain injury site. I wrote either drafts or final versions of most of them during Camp NaNoWriMo. But working on each page, refining, finding studies, creating images or downloading free stock images (that half the time my brain decides needs snazzing up, as if I don’t have enough work, sigh), and ensuring links put in, consumes more time than I expect. I’m receiving feedback from a generous Tweep, and occasionally a health care person. I usually don’t have much to fix. It became a kind of routine. My energy finally ran out, and I was suddenly, forcefully thrown into week-long rest.

Screenshot of Education page of brain injury site.

To help fund the site, BioFlex Laser is offering 10% off a personal home device to my readers with promo code jeejeebhoyflex10 at BioFlex.

I’d just started on an ad campaign for my books as part of the Google ShopHERE program. My very generous Google volunteer who’d coached me into creating a minimalist website for my books and set up ads for me has had to move on to new responsibilities. But he didn’t leave me stranded and he set up a new Search campaign. Of course, I just got that rolling, following the steps he’d laid out for me, when wham, fatigue flattened me on to the couch.

Luckily, these things take time to ramp up. Unluckily, I find the whole thing hard to figure out when something doesn’t work. Soooo . . . I fixed a conversion tag issue today that I thought was working. In any case, as usual with me, stats look good, people expect sales with those numbers, I got none.

My Duck logo walking on my books in pink and blue shading.



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