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Author brand. Branding campaign. Get your brand, catch customers. My head swims with marketing gurus rapidly sharing their tips to all of us selling SFA. Buzzwords and trendy nothings. But one idea I thought would be kind of fun to do is to create a character to go with my logo. A character that could strut across all my websites with a little modification here and there.

Logo meet sassy duck. My basic character design.

I created the cartoon duck from my photograph that I used for one of my pillowcases.

I learnt how to do this from one of those super amazing people who create tutorials for the rest of us. Make Shop Pro has a video on how to create a cartoon from a photograph. When he began talking nodes and vectors, memories floated up. Some time in my life, I created vectors. I worked a lot with nodes. I have no memory of what . . . It was so long ago. Pre-injury life.

My hands and mousing movements remembered. Once I understood his instructions, I found myself increasing speed and smoothness with each vector layer until my subconscious pretty much took over and I rapidly completed each segment. I didn’t think I could do the feet. Done in short minutes. Stunning.

I then decided I needed to jazz my sassy cartoon duck up for my shop.

Ready for winter at Art Fit To Wear!

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