Green Light for Pain

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DAVID Delight Plus audiovisual entrainment unit by Mind Alive Inc.

Red light. Green light. Multi-coloured eyeset for audiovisual entrainment (AVE).

I tried the red light today with SMR/Beta because I’m so damn tired and very, very fed up. The last time I had red lights for AVE was in my psychologist’s office 15 years ago almost to the month. When he switched the eyesets from white LEDs to red, he said the red were more powerful and I was ready to handle them. I left his practice to try brain biofeedback and bought a home AVE unit. I didn’t have red lights in my home unit set. Mind Alive many years later made a multi-coloured eyeset, but I only bought it when I purchased a unit with gamma brainwave sessions on it this past Spring.

I tried magenta, yellow, cyan, and green but no courage to try red with its caution note of “may create anxiety.” I have enough brain injury anxiety, and the gamma sessions are working to keep me sane in this pandemic. I didn’t wish to counteract that.

But fatigue today overcame my reluctance. I need some effing energy! I have to pay my bills, read my library Ebook before the library takes it back, write some emails, and most of all work on my ShopHERE shop. Google fucked up things, that on top of my inability to price products and shipping so I don’t lose money demands my attention daily. And I really don’t have the energy for that.

Got a bit nervous because I always do when trying something new, then the SMR/Beta calming effect kicked in. Right at the very end, got a headache. I did drink water and had lunch right before. But I guess that even though I’d lowered the visual intensity, my brain found this new colour challenged it a lot.

My vision is sharp. And I immediately began blogging. Physically I don’t feel so dead in the water. Cognitively my fed-upness has turned into an action drive.

Of the other colours, green is my fave because it lessens my pain. It did that most effectively when I used it three sessions in a row one day about four hours apart when sleep was super bad. Sub-delta, SMR for Sleep, and alpha. Such a relief. Those sessions help me sleep and relax but not noticeably reduce pain down than they already have for me for years. Adding green light helped with pain significantly.

Ramryge angels at Gloucester Cathedral, England

Brain injury grief is

extraordinary grief

research proves

needs healing.

Yellow is my other fave — for helping me focus. It also just makes the AVE pleasant whether using it with the Energize for fibromyalgia or SMR/Beta.

I don’t like blue or cyan. May try cyan again to see.

Magenta was nice, but I preferred yellow and green.

So maybe I’ll try red again when super tired, depending on how this goes today. Right now I’m starving. Yup, red worked my brain!

Update 10 Aug 2020, 1:35pm: I tried red light for the second time with SMR/Beta this morning. I’d forgotten how calm flooded my being until it happened again. Calm not only in body but mind, too. Again, I was starving after, though not as ravenous as the first time. Very mild headache over my temples and didn’t last long. So it seems like the challenge on my brain was less because it was like, oh, I know what this is!

My energy wasn’t the greatest. I’d not slept long enough. But I read a chapter of Himself, and I accomplished step one of the Prolifiko 7-day writing sprint that I’d signed up for to help me continue working on the concussion website. My initiation GO button was definitely on.

My Duck logo walking on my books in pink and blue shading.



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