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Working Towards A Concussion Website

When I wrote Concussion Is Brain Injury back in 2012, I reserved domains to create a website dedicated to pulling together all the information on concussion, using my book as a springboard. Due to the usual problems associated with brain injury, I failed in doing so, though I did try a couple of times.

Then came the pandemic, people fed up with racism, and me finally realizing that people don’t want to collaborate with me to help people with brain injury get better — only to keep them stuck in place and approach it in the same old, same old manner.

The pandemic freed me up from rage-inducing TTC rides (ain’t inaccessible public transit fun?) and energy-sucking medical appointments. Yes, I need them. But I think I speak for anyone with a chronic illness or injury when I say I wish to never have another one. I was able to compensate for one part of losing medical care, which helped me with both my initiation and energy. Then the other two events slowly pivoted me to looking to gain back some control. As Camp NaNoWriMo began and I used it to help me update Concussion Is Brain Injury: Treating the Neurons and Me, I began to think about the concussion website idea again.

Soon after I began writing content for my new website, I received an email from Shift Concussion Management. Their email sparked an idea in me: a clinic Q&A!

One of the issues in looking for help to treat brain injury, is finding a clinic that treats concussion. The other is wading through websites, trying to figure out if what a clinic offers will help. Clinic websites differ in how they explain what they do, how they diagnose, what treatments they offer, listing research or research links backing their work, and ease of use. Trying to compare them gives one a headache!

But what if you could find one place where clinics answer the same five questions? What if their answers give you a good starting point in learning how they approach concussion, which test they consider the most important, which treatment they focus on, and what their future plans look like? What if you could compare clinics side by side on a website that offers you information on what to look for in concussion and brain injury diagnosis and treatment?

Tori Stranges, the Marketing & Research Coordinator at Shift Concussion Management, was as excited as I was about this idea. I call it “The Clinic Q&A Five.” Unless I come up with a better name for it when I launch my concussion website. For now, I will feature these Q&As on this website. And when I launch my concussion website, I will copy them over there into their own section.

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