Second 38 to 42Hz Gamma Audiovisual Entrainment on DAVID Delight Pro

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I’m just going to shortcut this post to say mostly the same as yesterday except dizzy, roving headache, and heat during were way way milder. I didn’t have brief oneness with stillness; instead I felt connected briefly to what I can only describe as love flowing to me like a widening stream (I feel like I’m entering woo-woo territory! ) that comforted and became peace in me and then right at the end, the same stillness as yesterday. I felt the same at the end of the session as yesterday, except my muscles stayed deeply relaxed once my limbs felt heavier during and after, and this time my normal need to get going once a session is over was overcome by the resting impetus of the contented peace and stillness. I rested for about 20 minutes, eyes closed the whole time unlike yesterday, then my eyes popped open, everything was brighter and clearer. My perception had widened early in the session and remained with eyes open. So it’s like brain open awareness that’s also visual full-width perception. My mood changed to the happier side. And mental energy increased after the rest more and more. I just hope I don’t burn out or flip over into being irritated!

Update 6:14pm: I wrote a post right after I got going (made hot chocolate, too, to drink while writing), just like yesterday. A blip or a sign that this session turns on initiation of ideas in my head . . . although today’s post only appeared in my conscious mind during the session. I was also more diligent and focused than I usually am. Things like word count didn’t annoy or exasperate me, maybe partly because it was easier to find diction and see where to shorten or explain more. Gamma effects began wearing off about 4.5 hour after, and I’m pretty tired.

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