Returning to Brain Training Routine

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I had problems with my WordPress app when I went to post this blog post. Totally forgot I hadn’t once I got the app working again. So here it is, a few weeks late!

My brain trainer was off on a well-earned, long-overdue vacation. So I got three weeks (two sessions) off too! All the new PZ training wore off after two weeks. But returning to training wasn’t quite like starting anew. The brain retains the “memory” of having done this before. I wasn’t as nauseated nor became so as quickly as the first time. And it wore off within a minute during the same, first PZ neurofeedback screen. I’d regressed to being one-side dominant again in my vision, which I only realized during the second PZ screen — I felt my perception shift to bilateral again. Also, I saw the panoramic view as one continuous whole again (why my brain is fighting to ditch the new info and return to my old vision is beyond me and bloody annoying). The second screen is to enhance SMR only, while the first and third also inhibit 16-20 Hz. The latter is way harder.

Between this unreal summer heat, my usual September fatigue, and resuming a new-ish brain training, I was overheated, a bit short of breath, and kaput afterward. I also began the day having to self-narrate my day’s routine, things like get breakfast, time clean your teeth, you’re supposed to be leaving for the TTC because you’re not staying home today — simple stuff like that. That brain injury habit of not automatizing things includes habits and routines. Ugh. It means having to consciously remind oneself when resuming a routine even though memory is working and even though been out of the routine only two weeks. Sheesh.

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