Returning to the Graphic Novel for Reading Rehab

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It took about a month to recover after the insane CCAC-bureaucratic-rules-of-can-only-get-help-in-4-weeks-tough-shit-if-can't-keep-it-up mandate. Now that I'm feeling more my usual self, I'm sitting up and looking around at life outside of writing and am getting back to reading a graphic novel weekly as part of reading rehab. I set myself a ten-minute goal and multiple alarms so that I will keep it up. I hope! With brain injury, with no human resource help, sustaining a draining cognitive activity is more about failure than success. Alarms and apps help!

I was given Fish by Peter Kielland to read quite awhile ago. Unlike the first graphic novel I read last year, this one has a bit of text, but so far not much, so it is like it's a graphic wordless novel. Strange, primordial tale so far. Four pages, and I was all done in. Almost got to 10 minutes, but if not for that goal, would've happily quit at 8 minutes and three pages as fatigue hit and a concentration headache began. That's reading after brain injury for you, though.

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