A Positive Beat in Heart Rate with Concussion Treatment

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It was extremely difficult not to bounce up and down in my chair, point at the screen, and scream to my brain trainer: “Look! Look! 77!!! My heart rate has dropped down to what it used to be!!! Holy shit, man!”

That 77 heart rate lasted maybe a few seconds then it rose up a bit and hung out in the 80s until it finally went up into the 90s. But even the 90s–! Whoa, that’s low for me ever since my brain injury sent it soaring to 120–130. My heart rate likes triple digits.

My brain trainer suggested it dropped into the 70s because we talked for 45 minutes. I’m not so sure. I don’t discount the effect of talking, but we’ve done that before. My heart rate does drop after talking – like anyone’s does – be that a lesson to you too – your heart likes to talk out your troubles and emotions – but it hasn’t dropped that much before. I believe it’s the laser therapy I’ve been receiving for the last two years on my neck and lower back of skull, which includes Meditech’s concussion protocol, that has been the real game changer for me.

Well, it in concert with brain biofeedback, a new, experimental approach to reading rehab, and the stability of the sessions and phone calls with my neurodoc, is what is together healing my brain-injury-created heart problems. I’ll write more on this in my book’s update.

Update 12/04/2016: Forgot to mention LF bar in HRV reached high of 3. I haven’t seen it above 2.5 before. The original goal back in 2012 was 10. A tad slow getting there. 

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