Pre-Launch Countdown to Updating Concussion Is Brain Injury

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I know, I know, I said I would update Concussion Is Brain Injury regularly, and it’s been three years. Eek! But a brain in flux plus a publishing system in flux equals I’m updating it now. Or hope to!

As regular readers may recall, I wrote Concussion Is Brain Injury in 2012 to inspire people, to make them feel less alone, and to help those who’ve suffered this unfortunate injury and the ones who love them understand brain injury and the arduous journey of recovery. Since writing it, I’ve learned new things about the raw reality of relationships and faith when dealing with brain injury and have discovered the promise of new treatments. I want to make my book better for readers. I’m hoping for your support to help make this second edition happen.

Details to come on the day of the launch.

The publishing industry has changed dramatically, and most authors are now required to raise funds, find readers, and market their books on their own. To that end, I’ve decided to crowdfund the update for Concussion Is Brain Injury. Crowdfunding has become a way for readers to support their favourite authors to produce and market their books. My campaign will begin Tuesday, March 1st and will run for a month. I’m planning some great rewards, including prints of my original photography and copies of previous books. I hope you will consider participating.

Stay tuned!

SPECT Scan Done Art Therapy Way by Shireen Jeejeebhoy
SPECT Scan Done Art Therapy Way by Shireen Jeejeebhoy


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