Inadvertent Gamma Brainwave Enhancement at FP1-F3

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I inadvertently trained gamma up during my brain biofeedback last week. I knew I had because I felt the pressure underneath the electrode at FP1-F3 and, after, my perception had significantly improved. I was much more aware of my surroundings.

I did it again this week, probably because I had figured out how to decrease my muscle tension so that it remained below 3. This week it didn’t improve my perception as much, but it did improve my mood more.

It’s difficult keeping muscle tension (EMG) at the frontal lobes down because the electrodes are so close to your facial and eye muscles. And, as well, the electrode seems to pick up neck tension easier. So that was an achievement to bring EMG down. And the bonus was gamma got enhanced too.

(EMG affects the gamma brainwave frequency; the lower EMG is, the less it does, the easier it is to give and respond to feedback on the gamma frequency.)

Apparently, monks who do deep, deep meditation produce gamma brainwaves all over but especially in the frontal lobes. It’s associated with calmness and a happy mood. That’s why the ADD Centre folks were very pleased to hear I had trained gamma inadvertently. But though I can do it, they don’t want me to do it deliberately. And so my brain biofeedback protocol will remain to decrease theta (2-5Hz) only; if my EMG remains low enough for me to engage the gamma brainwave frequency and train it up — bonus.

For me, this meant for two weeks in a row, I left biofeedback in a good mood or at least not stressed. Just reducing theta had been doing nothing helpful for my mood! So this was good.

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