Politics Took Over

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We’ve been having an anyone-but-Harper (Canada’s current Prime Minister) election — a very looonnnngggg election — and last month, I also attended the TTC’s annual Public Forum on accessibility. That added up to my politics blog getting all my writing love these days. My poor website must be feeling neglected.

I want to summarize the forum in a future post here, but you don’t have to wait! You can read about my conversations with TTC staff on streetcars and subways right now on my talk talk talk blog.

In reading rehab news, I’m getting faster, having fewer headaches, feeling less fatigued, reading longer features now, and reading four paragraphs per day, two paragraphs at a time separated by at least an hour. My reading coach aka neurodoc is having to provide a lot of support to keep me going, and my mother is also getting in on the action, reminding me every now and then.

Timed reading continues to be part of my brain biofeedback.  The computer continues to show my heart rate drops up to 10 beats/minute after reading. Apparently, this is an anomaly with what my ADD Centre trainer has seen because when reading out loud, as I do, one’s heart rate doesn’t usually drop. On the other hand, I suspect their other clients were not “readers” in a previous lifetime like I was — probably since birth! Well, OK, soon after. I wonder if they did this with readers who had lost their ability through injury like I had, if they too would experience a heart rate drop. In any case, I always feel physically better and emotionally calmer after the timed reading.

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