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I am having a full cap reassessment later this summer. But in the meantime, I had a mini one at CZ and PZ a couple of weeks ago (that’s top centre of head and middle at back-top of head where I’ve been getting gamma enhancement biofeedback). This week, I began a new protocol based on that mini assessment.

Basically, because of all the emotional shit I’m going through, the area at the top of the brain that’s involved in emotions and connects through neuro networks to the thalamus and thus to the hypothalamus and so on to the pituitary, is a mite too active in the bad worry and tired zones. They want to create calm alertness so that I can think more clearly in spite of the new sources of stress and emotional tsunamis roaring through my life and mind and in spite of the fact that my current situation does not provide as much emotional and organizational support as I had even two years ago. Clearer thinking, better focus may restore some of my functionality that I’ve lost in the last year or so. As a side note: my neurodoc told CCAC recently I’m prone to regression. Yeah, understatement. As my GP once said: healing is not a constant upward trajectory. Sigh.

Still, my brain has apparently healed enough at CZ that I’ve graduated to an ADD protocol: enhance SMR brainwaves (12-15Hz), inhibit delta, theta, alpha but NOT high alpha brainwaves (2-10Hz), and inhibit busy brain aka ruminations aka hamster on steroid wheel brainwaves (22-35Hz).

We’re not inhibiting high alpha, that is, 10-11Hz brainwaves because they’re involved in creativity. One thing we don’t want to do is reduce that in me!

I noticed right away my perceptual area was closed in. I hadn’t realized how much gamma brainwave enhancement training near my occipital lobe had opened up my perception until we began training SMR at CZ this week.

Also, my anger in no way dropped like it usually does. This may not be good. My neurodoc had told me this week to lower my expectations of myself, for I may manifest anger unexpectedly or certain people may fuel my triggers (I gather because of my emotions waking up and making me re-experience my memories, now with emotions, and with my PTSD being so active). Without the de-stressing effect of gamma enhancement his words may become a bit too prophetic.

And of course with starting a new protocol, I was dead tired. My eyes felt like fat pigs after being forced to run a marathon and my brain a sloth who’s had to walk a 10k. Dark chocolate with coffee time!

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