Reading and Brain Injury: Stepping Forward Again

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Well, it looks like I’m getting back on track with my reading. I am now half reading on my own, half with my neurodoc. When I say with my neurodoc I mean he asks me to read two paragraphs to him so that I don’t have to initiate the reading or have the entire drive to keep going within myself and I also receive feedback on how I did.

I didn’t think too much about his feedback at first. Yeah, yeah, my reading was good, you’re not in my head, just because I can pronounce words doesn’t mean I’m reading normally. But of course, he’s not saying it’s normal, he’s praising me for where I’m at, how I’m doing in that moment. And on those days I didn’t do as well, he noted that I was slower or tired. That made me feel like the good praise wasn’t flattery but real.

Once I’m back to reading fully on my own, he will introduce new measures. I’m starting to become curious and interested in what comes next — a further motivation to read totally on my own!

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