Happier (Brain-Injured) Heart

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The ADD Centre has various ways to measure my stress levels and how well I’m coping through the biometric data gathered during my brain biofeedback sessions. Software reads my heart, skin temperature, breathing, and EEG sensors and analyzes them to give a measure of how well my brain and heart are functioning.

This measure is usually in the basement. Certain kinds of relationship events are guaranteed to send it plummeting. Even when things are going tickety boo, it’s about half of the normal threshold.

Last week, it went above that threshold for the first time. What did I do?!!!

Several things happened and that I did, so it’s a bit tricky to figure out what suddenly made my brain cope better with stress.

Was it the accumulation of gamma-enhancement treatments overall since 2012 or at the PZ location for the last few months? Was it me recently starting to use the Relief setting on the CES device at night to try and prevent back and hip pain from growing through the night? Was it the laser therapy on my back? Or was it the resolution of a major conflict with my neurodoc coupled with me setting certain restrictions on therapy topics until certain conditions were met? I have to say I was surprised he had to adhere without question to my restrictions and surprised at how it gave me a sense of power and control I hadn’t felt in years.

Was that it, that sense of power over a critical part of my life?

Or was it a combination of all those changes that led my brain to recover more function, freeing up resources to run my heart better plus regaining some control plus resolving big conflicts plus seeing someone actively looking at things through my eyes instead of preaching at me.

Ramryge angels at Gloucester Cathedral, England

Brain injury grief is

extraordinary grief

research proves

needs healing.

I wish I knew. It’s a good change; but not knowing means I can’t tell others what works and I may regress (which brain injury and PTSD recovery are wont to do) and not know why.

Only experience over time will tell. I guess. I hope.

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