Reading Rehab Resumes?

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A week after I got back from England, my neurodoc called me up and gave me my new reading homework. Same regimen as before: read two paragraphs after doing the skeleton, read out loud and slowly enough to avoid a headache and to enhance accuracy, and read every two days.

I did my homework one day.

It isn’t bothering me I’m unable to get back into it for whatever reason, maybe because I’m only now really returning to my routine and because I’m so angry at the contrast of my life here and what I glimpsed in England as could have been if not for people’s rigidity around technology and accommodating my brain injury needs. It is liberating and energy enhancing not to have to explain, defend, navigate.

My fatigue has ratcheted up since I got back.

My neurodoc said he’s brainstorming and working hard to try and figure out how to get me back on the therapeutic track. I feel like saying, good luck with that. But I think he will succeed.

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