Christmas Break From Health Care

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With the way the Christmas and New Year’s dates fall, I’ll be off from some of my health care appointments three weeks instead of two. Most times I looked forward to a break, some years I even tried to extend it, but it’s a measure of how much my routine sustains me these days that I’m not looking forward to this Christmas’s time off. This is probably because my health care team provide me with most of my emotional support; with my PTSD in full blow and emotions up and down like some psychotic swing, I can no longer manage sans continual emotional support in the way I used to. That’s probably because being detached, as I was most of the time after my brain injury, is like an injury-built protective barrier against the lack of emotional support. But once that detachment waned, no more protection. Peachy.

Luckily, my neurodoc and I decided at the end of November that I should lay off the omega 3-6-9 oil; slowly, slowly the intensity of the emotional swing has relented. And now I’m more and more detached again. This will help me get through the holidays; I may even welcome the break like I usually do, see it as a chance to work on my photos, explore, whatever.

Well, maybe.

It would probably help if I could stay off the TTC as well during this time. The stress on us cognitively challenged keeps rising as CEO Byford and TTC management ignore the needs of our population when making their “improvements.” Unlike the good changes, like cleaning up the subway, these “improvements” only serve to make the subway harder to navigate and more anxiety provoking. I ought to write a blog post. Oh yeah, I did on the first “improvement.”

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