Fatigue-Restlessness Paradox

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My gamma brainwave output is returning to normal. I was able to achieve above 1.0 gamma/EMG ratio during one of the biofeedback screens this week, not just during the writing portion of my session. It’s even more impressive I could because my muscle tension (EMG) went high (temporarily) when my trainer and I fell into stitches discussing stuff and some of my problems she thought hilarious. Glad to please! Heh. I did impress myself with how quickly I was able to drop the EMG number.

On the sober side, my busy brain was still high and my heart was still working hard.

But it’s August, the seasons are changing, the air is wet and it’s all sapping my energy. Like this is a big surprise. Every August/September, my energy drops. I should find a lounge chair and park myself, but I’m too restless. It’s a paradox to have at the same time both fatigue that engenders a desire not to move and the desire to move constantly. Sometimes one wins, sometimes the other.

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