Time to Reconnect with Disconnection

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I used to disconnect completely from the online world and computers for a week a couple times a year. I unplugged on Sundays for a long time before that and still do. But year in, year out, I used to push myself so hard I’d end up crashing and would also have to take a whole week off. I’d have a lot of couch time during those weeks, but I’d also read or go do touristy things in the city in my slow way on my own. It all depended on which was more tired: my mind or my body.

Since I began managing my energy better, and maybe because of the controlled-release pregabalin trial and then the gamma brainwave training (which both helped with managing stress and having more energy), I haven’t had to disconnect totally for a week for quite awhile. And since I’ve reduced my cognitive work, focusing on all this emotional crap, I’ve had more energy to move but just as little energy to think. It’s kind of an energy level that doesn’t know if it’s up or down. In any case, I got out of my habit.

But it’s time to reconnect with disconnection. It’s summer time anyway, the traditional time to work less, have more fun. I’m going offline and off computer next week. I’ll need to prepare, like maybe I should clean up my email inbox, but I cannot wait to have alone time separated from the Sturm und Drang of everyday life.

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