175 Hours and Counting for Brain Biofeedback

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I’ve done 175 hours of brain biofeedback, 84 in my first 2 years and 91 in the last 1.5 years for gamma training. (Fewer hours first time around because I missed summers and I became quite ill in the first 3 months of 2007, probably because I’d pushed myself too hard, a horrid time I’d rather forget.) Hard to believe.

A standard ADD treatment for a kid takes 60 hours, an adult with ADD longer, and someone with Asperger’s over 200. Sometimes, one just keeps going even when one doesn’t need it because the brain is always improving. And I think when you spend so much time with your trainer, you don’t want to give up the contact just because your treatment has come to an end. That’s what it was like at the end of my first 2 years: I couldn’t afford it anymore, financially or physically, but it was bittersweet having to say goodbye. I’m so glad I was able to return.

Complex cases will always take longer than something simple like ADD, simple because it’s one problem not a multitude of problems from injuries all over the brain like with me. And so I’ll probably exceed 200 hours when’s all said and done.

Today was the last day at these settings for PZ gamma training. The ADD Centre is reviewing my mini-assessment and hopefully connecting with my neurodoc to decide which area is most important to treat next. So much to choose from! 2014 will fittingly begin with a new protocol. I’d like to start now and skip the holidays, but, sigh, everyone needs downtime. And Christmas is not a downer for everybody.

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