The Essence of Gamma Brainwaves is the Person

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I heard the ADD Centre are doing gamma training on a second person now. Cool. The bouncy, perception-opening feeling of these tiny, essential brainwaves will be spread to others. Gamma brainwave enhancement doesn’t always get me all Tigger-ish, but I rarely leave feeling the same level of stress, level of perception, level of thinking as when I arrived, and I am never more stressed.

I wonder sometimes if somehow enhancing gamma potentiates alpha waves and maybe the 15-18Hz problem-solving beta waves. I wonder too which alpha waves gamma “assists” the most. I see gamma as connecting all the brainwaves together like a thread that weaves through them all then raises them up. I think the de-stressing effect isn’t just about and because of improving mood but also because you perceive and literally see better, because you feel coherent and not like a bunch of fractured pieces, and because your thinking flows easier. I recalled a name today without any effort whatsoever, without any need to think consciously, to deliberately reach into my memory and haul it out. I had this sense of amazement that when asked, there it was. That’s gamma. Yes, beta works on memory and attention and problem solving, but the qualia* of it — the raw feel — is totally different from gamma. Gamma is the essence of confident competence and wholeness of person.


*Qualia is a word I learnt about 13 months ago during my philosophy of mind class. I had a lot of trouble learning the word and what it meant and remembering it. I relied on the iPad and philosophy dictionary to remind me constantly. Even when I was doing my metaphysics course this past Fall, I recognized the word but had much trouble comprehending it and recalling both the word itself and its meaning. But mere minutes after my gamma training , in the moment of writing this post, there it was: the word and its definition. And I wrote it and understood it as easily as the words that came before and after it. I don’t know about you, but I’m blown away.

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