Review: One Careless Moment

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One Careless Moment
One Careless Moment by Dave Hugelschaffer
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

The back story made the first book in the series interesting, and though there was a bit of an emotional disconnect between reader and characters, the emotionality of the back story gave the book a little bit of depth. That back story isn’t in this second book in the series really, and, as well, I felt there was less connection between Porter and the character most important to him than there was previously. Which was weird and unexpected.

I also found the paternalism a little bit much. I mean, really, one shouldn’t be glaring at the main character in an escapist mystery series like this one. This series isn’t a brooding-angst-filled one where the hero is not just flawed but repulsive. Porter is a likable character, so this attitude with respect to his romantic interest is a bit much. The reason for it doesn’t seem believable enough either. I mean, it’s there but didn’t fill me with fear for Porter or anyone else in the way other authors can draw you in and terrify you. I’m not sure I’ll continue on with this series . . . we’ll see.

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