A Substitute Gamma Brainwave Biofeedback Trainer

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Having a substitute brain biofeedback trainer is a bit like having had a substitute teacher when you were a kid, except as an adult you’re nice to them, maybe even nicer than to your regular trainer. No hard questions for the substitute, guiding them on the usual way of doing things, that sort of thing. You can't really talk about progress or why things aren't going quite tickety boo with a substitute because they don't know your training history. Sometimes though, not being able to discuss how the session is going makes for a welcome change; it’s an easier session when done without analysis, to just do, not think.

Such was this week’s gamma brainwave biofeedback. I suppose I could look at the results, note some things, but if I'm going to have a substitute, then I might as well take advantage of this pseudo-holiday and not analyze even here. I did do some thinking during the 11 minutes of SMIRB writing, as one is supposed to do, but it was about thinking and writing out the stuff I'm ruminating on, not the session results. I think that was enough analysis.

I will note one difference: he ran the EEG recording software while we were talking. No one’s done that before. So it was interesting to see what my brainwave amplitudes were. Of course, muscle tension was way up: over 11 vs under 2 during biofeedback screens or 5 while writing. Gamma was up too. So talking is good for one’s brain (and dare I say, mental health)!

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