Even When Sleepy, It’s Still Possible to Train the Brain

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Five and a half hours sleep makes gamma brainwave training difficult. Stupid back. Biofeedback day is not a good time to slowly devolve into stripes of pain, I said to my back. It shrugged and stiffened up more.

As I had anticipated with my back going all stiff and tense on me, my muscle tension was high during brain biofeedback. But surprisingly not much higher than it has been since we switched to the PZ-O1 position, and I was able to bring it down to below 2.0 quickly. I really need to get better therapy on the back of my neck so as to reduce its stiffness and thus muscle tension. A whiplash’s longlasting effects suck, especially when the neck sprain/strain in 2000 was not my first one.

Anyway, despite desperately wanting to sleep, my brain still got trained. It seems that if you make an effort, no matter how tired or sleepy or frustrated you are, the technique can still work. I was able to bring down my heart rate and raise my gamma brainwaves so that for most of the screens, the ratio of gamma to muscle tension was greater than 1.0. Nice.

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