The Heart Remembers; Gamma Training Helps

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Today is the anniversary of my anniversary. It made doing the SMIRB portion of my gamma brainwave biofeedback real easy. My pen flew along, although I did press it rather hard, which I didn't realize until I saw my never-seen-it-that-high-before muscle tension number. Whoa. Jerk. That's all I’ll say about him. Jerk. I know, I know, epithets are so adolescent. Jerk. Ahem.

It is interesting how my conscious mind doesn't remember things, like big-anniversary-day things, but my heart always does. It was a little faster than my normal fast and harder to bring down. But SMIRB and reading came to the rescue after three screens of gamma training brought it down somewhat. (So far, my heart rate during the HRV screen before LORETA is 10 to 20 beats lower than before gamma training, which is encouraging because it means the effects from gamma training lasts days not just hours. Now to get it up to weeks.)

Nothing much else to report new today, other than my mind was really wandering during the reading portion, and I had to focus hard to get myself to read one word after another, one sentence after another, one paragraph after another, not to keep bouncing back and trying again. Maybe I need to find new text to read or skip ahead to the good stuff. Or just admit it’s hard to focus when one’s mind is occupied by a whole host of things that the LORETA training is bringing out, the anniversary today being just one blip in that host.

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