LORETA Neurofeedback: Week Three

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I've now completed three sessions of LORETA neurofeedback, and I'm more tired than old toast. But so far, I have been seeing improvements since after session one. Apparently, this is not usual.

It hasn't been usual for me to see improvements after the first session of a brain biofeedback-type treatment either. My theory for this anomaly with LORETA is that it's because gamma brainwave biofeedback has somehow primed my brain to be able to profit from whole-brain biofeedback immediately.

But the theory I was given is that I'm highly tuned to my body and brain so that I notice changes most people wouldn't. I don't know about that. If you're used to waking up each morning thinking, God, is it morning already, do I have to get up? and then one morning you wake up as eager as a puppy for walkies, you're gonna notice, no matter how unself-aware you are. I'm sure.

The only caveat to that is in the first few months after a brain injury, when your perception is so whacked out of joint that you perceive the moment is how you've been your entire life, you may not notice a big change as a change but as how you've always been. But that warped perception does improve back to normal over time, and even if it doesn't, single-electrode brain biofeedback will, at least partially. And as I understand it, people only do LORETA neurofeedback after doing a stint of single-electrode. So I could see people not noticing subtle changes, but I'm sure I'm not the only one who would notice some of the big changes I've had. Too bad they've lasted only days or minutes. But at least the potential is now proven to be there.

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