Review: A Nation Worth Ranting About

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A Nation Worth Ranting About
A Nation Worth Ranting About by Rick Mercer
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Many of the rants were familiar to me, so I must admit I skimmed through those, but the Maclean’s articles were not, and some of the rants I just didn’t remember. I could hear Mercer ranting in my head as I read them. His humour doesn’t grow old, even if some of the topics were a bit out of date. Even so, it was interesting to revisit old controversies. The piece I laughed hardest at was his backstory on the Rick Hansen piece on RMR. I almost fell off my chair.

If you’re not a Canadian and have never heard of Mercer (shock! horror!), you may find some of the stories are obscure, but there are plenty of pieces about political foibles and great characters that will have you rockin’ in your chair.

This is a good read when you need a laugh to break the back of a stressful day.

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