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Accension, not ascension. Yes, I know how to spell!

Accension: The action of kindling or the state of being kindled. (From The Compact Edition of the Oxford English Dictionary) It is related to the verb “accend.”

This is an old word, but it completely describes what is happening in this the second novel I wrote during National Novel Writing Month 2010. I wrote it, revised it, sent it out to Beta Readers, revised it, revised it some more. But I remained hesitant about publishing it on my own. It was supposed to be edited and published, but that fell through. So I stuck it in the figurative drawer unsure about what to do. Then last month BiblioCrunch hosted an #indiechat on Twitter with Wattpad, and I had my answer!

I have begun posting Aban’s Accension on Wattpad, one short easy-to-read chapter at a time.

Coddled and controlled, living a sheltered life with her parents in small-town Ontario, Aban receives a surprising letter one day: Her grandmother has left her her entire estate, including a house in Toronto with a mysterious male tenant. In a spurt of unexpected independence, Aban leaves her secure home intending only to see her inheritance, intending to return home. What she finds instead upends her life and everything she had believed.

I hope you will check out the first chapter up now and look for the succeeding chapters. If you join Wattpad, using your Facebook profile or unique login, you can add it to your library and get notified every time I post a new chapter! Plus you can find lots of great free reads!!

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