Review: Fever Dream

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Fever Dream
Fever Dream by Douglas Preston
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This was not my usual kind of read in that I prefer to start mystery series from the beginning. But I saw this, liked the plot description, and borrowed the ebook from the library. It had good characterizations and action — both dramatic and interpersonal — that kept me reading. But I found the stereotypical violent solution a bit mundane, entirely too predictable, even if it was done sideways so to speak. I think I’m fed up with violence being seen as the only solution to violence. I mean, really, could we use a bit more imagination. Also, I solved the whodunnit before I was halfway through the book. Either my brain is improving markedly or the authors made the clues entirely too obvious because I haven’t been able to solve a well-put-together mystery in over a decade. That plus since from what I’ve read of the series it seems that violent solutions are the hallmark of the main character, I’ll probably not read another in this series … unless there’s nothing else to read. But I don’t regret picking it up. Aren’t readers contradictory!

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