An Interview and Giveaways

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As I wrote earlier, I was interviewed by K8 on her blog. For two weeks in late January, K8 aka Froze8 of published daily interviews with authors. Genres covered include horror, young adult, super spuds (heh), steampunk — a variety to satisfy everyone. And there’s even at least one other Canadian interviewed! If you want to discover new reads that the big guns miss, check out this interviewing event and maybe even win a giveaway.

My interview — including sweet giveaways — was posted on January 24. There are three days left in the giveaways. Read my answers to questions such as “Catch us up, what have you been up to in 2012?” and It’s a new year! Have you made any new resolutions you’d like to share with us?” and enter to win a copy of She or Concussion Is Brain Injury!

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