Returning to Gamma Brainwave Biofeedback After Christmas Hols

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So I returned to gamma brainwave biofeedback week of Jan 14 after about a month away. Let me tell you, I did not expect it to feel like trying to exercise after a break of a month or so. Halfway through the first biofeedback screen, I wanted to quit, I was so tired. Each EEG biofeedback screen is three minutes long. (I can't do four minutes as I'm totally exhausted by the end; in comparison, small children do one minute.) In the second screen, my brain went walkabout and refused to work for long stretches. The third screen was not so bad.

So I go home and several hours later, I think, “Hey, I'm ok, I can do a little work on my website. It's not mentally intensive, and I'm so behind in updating it.” Dumb. That night my body temperature went nuts and kept waking me up: sweating, cooling, burning in succession. Fun. Needless to say that the following week I rested after biofeedback.

If anyone thinks mental work does not have physical ramifications, they're blind to reality.

So I'm back, and I achieved my highest gamma/EMG ratio yet: 1.12. I have been noticing I can go up the stairs without having to pause to see where I am in space if there is anything blocking my line of sight. I can almost go up a long escalator sans feeling I'm going to fall backwards. And on January 16, I began talking more and more easily and on January 25, more rapidly as well. It's rather remarkable just listening and then being able to open mouth and talk without all the “go, go, go” self-pep talk to get me to speak out loud and without the endless blankness I need to work at surmounting so that I can say what I want to before the conversation is over and everyone’s left.

Effortless conversation. Wow.

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