Review: Odd Interlude #2

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Odd Interlude #2
Odd Interlude #2 by Dean Koontz
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This ebook is part one of three, really a novel cut into three to up the suspense (and profit) factor. I borrowed all three ebooks from the library: Odd Interlude #1, Odd Interlude #2, and Odd Interlude #3. This is a review of all three.

The most overriding characteristic of this story is — compelling. I hadn’t realised when I borrowed the first one that these three ebooks are structured as parts one, two, and three of one story, and so I ended up having to wait interminably for Odd Interlude #2 to become available from a very long hold list. I didn’t make the same mistake with the third one, and put a hold on it at the same time as the second one.

As usual, Odd came through strongly, with his discursive way of writing his story and his philosophical musings as he faces the growing horror of the man who holds the denizens of Harmony Corners in psychic hostage. I must say I didn’t see coming the reason for the man’s abilities and psychosis. I’m not sure I bought it, but really that was a small part of the threesome of ebooks. Characters are what is important here. And Koontz changed it up a little by introducing a new voice. It came as a bit of shock when she showed up, but after I got used to two first persons, I rather liked it. And I liked the way it all made sense at the end.

Koontz gave us a tease of what is to come in the next full-length Odd Thomas novel. Nothing like marketing and a narrator coming together!

My only complaint of this threesome of ebooks is I was too soon finished.

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