Zebras Don’t Wear Overcoats — Take Two

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I hated this upside down planet. The planet’s infrared light was beating down, no up, on my face as I walked along the ceiling-ground looking for my group, wondering how the blood wasn’t rushing into my head. I thirsted for water, for rain. A tree appeared in the distance. As I dragged myself closer, I saw it was a willow, with its dense branches improbably reaching up to the ground above me. I crawled under, no above, its branches and rested in the cool twilight. I awoke with a start. Zebras were staring down at me. They weren’t wearing overcoats. Here, Zebras don’t wear overcoats in the rain I remembered. I leapt up, scattering the Zebras, and ran through the branches into the cool rainy relief.


Bizarre little short story, eh? I wrote it because my first attempt at answering the question

Think of a (very short) story that makes sense of the claim that the belief [zebras don’t wear overcoats] could be a reason for believing ‘it is raining’ (it will probably be a bit outlandish, but it should be imaginable!)

failed big time. Try again, said the Oxford Short Course tutor. So I did, and this time I passed the review. Of course, I corrected my answer back in October. It’s just taken me this long to post the correction here.


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