Diving Back In To “Time and Space”

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I’m about to restart revising my third novel Time and Space. And I must say I’m finding it daunting. I did the easy stuff a few weeks ago – typos, small mistakes, things like that – and promptly got sidetracked. But it’s time now to answer some big questions my Beta Readers posed, which means I must remember my manuscript and what I was trying to say. Do I want to answer the questions or leave it up to the readers to discern? How do I flesh out or explore more some concepts? What was my original intent about the language each century’s denizens use? I did write notes as I revised my novel after my first draft and before sending out the manuscript to my Beta Readers. I hope like heck I noted down who speaks how!

The physics aspect of it passed muster with my engineer friend, and that is such a relief. It was hard the first time understanding and remembering current concepts in theoretical physics so as to launch off them and come up with ideas on how the two futures work. I feared I wouldn’t remember and understand it all if I had to go in and edit it again. Thankfully I don’t.

I know I’ll get right back into the manuscript once I start. But there’s the rub: starting, diving in, launching WordPerfect and reacquainting myself with my story. Well, I’d better get to it … Um, first though, a snack sounds good. And maybe more coffee … some chocolate …

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