Easter Interrupts ScriptFrenzy

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I took Easter weekend off from ScriptFrenzy. I wanted to be like a government worker for a brief moment and took off the whole weekend: Good Friday, Waiting Saturday, Celebratory Sunday. and Easter Monday.

When Tuesday came, I was not ready to return to my regular routine and ScriptFrenzy. I wanted to continue to sit in a comfortable chair in the sun and to read the thrillers I’d borrowed from the library. I could’ve taken more time off, for sure. But I sighed deeply, sat up as the dawn jabbed me fully awake, grabbed my iPad, and got back into writing my radio play Divorce Times Marriage. I banged out several pages. I got caught up to about Monday’s goal. I couldn’t keep going though. I was tapped out, tired, taxed.

I thought: I’ll catch up Wednesday. And flopped back to zone out into a thought-screen of nothingness.

Today, I wrote and wrote and wrote. I tired. Became weary. And so I did what any tired, don’t wanna writer would do: I short-circuited the scene. I figured I must be caught up by now and so it would be okay. I entered my current page number total on the SF website, and…nope. Still behind. Sigh. Back to the Celtx app on my iPad, back to the scene I went, and this time, I wrote it properly, fully, no side-stepping of the issues like one of my characters is trying to do.

I banged out three more pages, eight in total for today, and just about caught up to where I’m supposed to be. I couldn’t type anymore. My hands ached, my shoulders hurt (what else is new?), and the scene was done anyway: the shrink said time is up for today. And you gotta obey the shrink, you know.

Thirty-four pages total so far. I’m about one-third of the way through. Phew.

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