Two Days of ScriptFrenzy

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I’ve begun ScriptFrenzy! I fretted and worried over whether I’d have an idea by April 1. I wasn’t sure I could do it this year, I have so many other writing projects to work on, like my brain injury book, like my novel Time and Space, like waiting and waiting for the edits to be done on my second novel Aban’s Accension. But I recalled that writing 100 pages of a script was easier than writing a novel in November. For one thing, I just write. I don’t outline, I don’t do much research, maybe on a name or some factoid. So just writing is not so bad.

Plus I did have two characters in mind. I sort of knew what was happening between them. And I knew their relationship. That should be enough, eh?

Apparently it is. ScriptFrenzy started yesterday. I opened Celtx on my iPad and started typing yesterday. I futzed around first with trying to figure out what a radio play script is supposed to look like and wasted time worrying if I knew what I was doing. But I got down to it; I put fingers to Bluetooth keyboard and typed away. And I repeated that today, with staring at the screen instead of futzing around to begin with before I finally began to type and type and type. Eight and a quarter pages total for the two days. Not bad.

The iPad is great. You can write on it anywhere. There are no surrounding distractions on the screen or papers and pens and heave knows what else like when typing on a computer. I can even type in a darkened room — no light, means not seeing the stuff around, and so even less distraction. I do need a little bit of light to see the keyboard; still it’s dim compared to sitting in my office chair at my computer. Creativity comes easier. Or it feels like it anyway.

Eight and a quarter pages total for the two days. Not bad.

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